Every 15th day of November, the day is dedicated to recognizing Canadians who stand out for their generosity and involvement. As BBBS is an organization whose mission is to help young people reach their full potential through mentoring services, the involvement of our volunteers and donors is our greatest asset. This is the perfect day to say THANK YOU.

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What differentiates Big Brothers Big Sisters from other organizations that offer mentoring programs is that they are looking for volunteers who are committed to helping a child regularly for at least one year, or as much as possible until the child graduates from high school.  The commitment of volunteers to BBBS is the cornerstone of our success.

«The youth mentoring movement at BBBS Canada is not only present, it is growing stronger every day. Our mission by 2021 is to triple the number of children served by our mentoring services in the greater Montreal area, and we are confident that we will achieve this. «, says Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle, Executive Director of GFGS Montréal.

Our programs at a glance

A total of 237 children are supported in the traditional mentoring program and 22 schools are served in the in-school mentoring program.

Over the past year, new projects to complement the organization’s diversity and inclusion mentoring services were launched, including the creation of two new mentoring programs offering services to youth in Aboriginal and LGBTQ2+ communities. Partnership efforts are well underway with Interligne, a front-line centre for assistance and information for people concerned with sexual diversity and gender plurality.

Philanthropy is the performance of selfless acts for the good of others that inspire a tradition of giving and sharing that is essential to the quality of life (Definition by the Association of Professionals in Philanthropy). This benevolent word comes from the ancient Greek «philanthrôpia» which means «love of humanity» and brings together all charities and non-profit organizations and, of course, all people who show compassion and generosity to others. We are proud to partner with other organizations to increase our knowledge and better direct our services.

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