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The Mega-Bike is a fundraising event organized by our philanthropic organization based in Hochelaga, Montreal.
Since 1975, we have been creating inspiring and decisive mentoring relationships that reveal the full potential of young people and equip them for the future. A mentor is essentially a meaningful adult who listens, advises, sets an example and equips a young person for the future.

A Mega-Bike is a giant bike with 30 seats (29 participants and 1 driver). In exchange for a minimum donation of $5,000, a team of up to 29 cyclists will ride a given route in downtown Montreal, lasting approximately 30 minutes.
Each team of 29 people must arrive at the starting point at the time and date chosen. We will welcome you at a kiosk with refreshing drinks, nutritious snacks and all our energy! Afterwards, you will be invited to a 5@7, right next to the course, to extend the fun and network with other participating companies.

Who is this event for? For employees of large, medium and small organizations!

Where will the event be held? In downtown Montreal.

When? June 6th, 2023.

What is the cost? Minimum donation of $5,000 /tour of Mega-Bike (approximately $2,386 after tax credits). Additional options and sponsorship opportunities are available to maximize your donation.

Book your Mega-Bike today!

To register, reach out to:

François Fritsch, Fundraising and Event Coordinator
[email protected]
(514) 842-9715, ex. 346

to register my business for the Mega-Bike event

1. Combine business with pleasure! Offer an original team building activity to your team,
while supporting an important cause!

2. Play outside! We offer you an outdoor and face-to-face activity.

3. We take care of everything! 
By participating in Mega-Bike, we take care of everything, so you can focus on your core
business and forget about the stress of organizing a team building activity.

4. Fill two needs with one deed! This event allows for team building, networking and demonstrating your social commitment!

5. Get visibility. We offer you visual material to share your involvement to your network, as well as
various sponsorship opportunities. We will promote your participation in our public communications and press releases.

6. Your donation is tax deductible. Get more for what you actually give! We provide you with a tax receipt.

7. Make a difference. The long-term mentoring relationships we create have a real and profound
impact on the lives of young mentees.

BBBS of Greater Montreal relies on the financial support of individual
and corporate donors to sustain its services.

Fundraising goal with Mega-Bike: $70,000
Help us reach our goal for young people to reach their full potential.