Guidelines for Content Submitted to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal (GFGS Montreal)

In order to ensure that all exchanges are respectful and relevant, these guidelines apply to all of GFGS Montreal’s digital platforms, including the websites and applications it owns and operates as well as third-party digital assets where the brand is present (e.g., social networks). «Content» includes but is not limited to online comments, photos, videos or other content submitted by you. By sending your content to GFGS Montreal, you acknowledge that you own the rights to it and grant us the non-exclusive right to use it, royalty-free, in perpetuity. We may edit your content for length, size, clarity or language that does not meet our guidelines. GFGS Montreal reserves the right to hide, delete or request the removal of any content deemed inappropriate or not in accordance with the policy below.

By posting content, you specifically agree to the following:

  • Hateful, vulgar, disrespectful, discriminatory, racist, sexist, obscene posts and comments or any type of threat or incitement to physical or verbal violence posted on GFGS Montreal accounts or mentioning GFGS Montreal will be removed or reported without notice.
  • The user must be identified as a real person. No comments from an anonymous account will be accepted.
  • Posts or comments on GFGS Montreal accounts must not contain the personal information of others or refer to a private conversation.
  • Posts or comments that could infringe on the privacy of another person are not accepted under any circumstances.
  • Posts or comments in capital letters are not desired.
  • Posts or comments making unauthorized use of GFGS Montreal or the intellectual property of a third party may be removed without notice.
  • Comments published following a publication by GFGS Montreal must be related to the latter. Off-topic or out-of-context comments may be removed without notice.
  • Repetitive and insistent posts and comments may be removed without notice or flagged as spam.
  • Advertising or solicitation in a post or comment mentioning GFGS Montreal is prohibited, regardless of its form (commercial promotion, survey, petition, etc.).
  • If you have the tools to do so, please report content that violates these guidelines.
  • If you are an employee of GFGS Montreal, please identify yourself in your post. 

Any violation of these guidelines may result in your content being unposted, edited or removed, your account suspended, or your account banned from posting content. 

GFGS Montreal reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time, without notice.