Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal promises to act with respect and be welcoming, helpful and inclusive, so that differences are valued and respected in all aspects of our services and organisational practices. By being dedicated to these values, we grow as an organization and enrich the lives of those we help.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal promotes diversity and encourages participation regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion, culture or sexual orientation. Our agency staff strives to promote positive relationships and support involvement from everyone in the community.

Diversity recognizes that everyone possesses characteristics that make them unique, whether they are about age, language, culture, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Diversity contributes to enrich our environment by facilitating the exchange of opinions and perspectives.

Diversity at BBBSGM is reflected in the people we serve, the volunteers we recruit and the team we employ. BBBSGM will make all necessary efforts to reach out to community organizations who serve diverse communities, with the objectives of developing recruiting strategies. BBBSGM will endeavor, whenever possible to break barriers and better include under-represented groups.

BBBSGM expects every representative or client to behave in accordance with this policy. It is therefore expected that our representatives (Board members, employees, interns or volunteers) show appropriate language and behavior in an effort to eliminate discrimination, harassment, generalization, prejudice or hate towards an individual or groups of people.

Alleged discriminatory behavior or language shall be reported to the designated individual (immediate supervisor in the case of an employee, or case-worker in the case of a volunteer, family or child).

The organization will offer opportunities for employees to develop their knowledge and skills, so that they can better identify and eliminate discriminatory practice while promoting dialogue in an effort to increase awareness and respect for diversity.