Mentorship = Dreaming together

We have a unique formula to share with you today, and don’t worry – it’s one that won’t require a calculator! Let us present it to you: «Mentorship = Resilience.» Simple, yet powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

Today, we’re launching our campaign, «Mentoring equals». This campaign highlights the fascinating science behind how mentoring builds resilience in children and young people.

Mentorship has always been at the heart of our efforts. It’s about igniting a spark within young people to unlock their full potential, nurturing meaningful connections, and building relationships that stand the test of time. Now, however, we have something more – we have data and research that substantiates our case!

Studies have shown that mentorship does more than just change lives – it fosters resilience. This incredible capacity to adapt to adversity or bounce back from hardships is built through consistent, healthy relationships with adults – exactly the kind of relationships you’ve helped us nurture.

Our new campaign will delve deeper into how mentoring enhances various life aspects, including social emotional competence, mental health & wellbeing, and educational engagement & employment readiness. If you want to be part of this exciting journey, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What’s more? The ripple effects of mentorship extend far and wide, guiding our youth’s development and laying the groundwork for happier, healthier adults. One of the eye-opening findings we’ll be highlighting is that youth who receive mentoring are 60% more likely to report consistent happiness.

The campaign will also bring to light some inspiring numbers, like mentored youth being 17% more likely to be gainfully employed and 50% more likely to volunteer.

But here’s the most important part: the most vital part of this equation is you. The world of youth can be unstable, but our donors and mentors provide stability. Without you, this equation simply wouldn’t balance.

We invite you to delve into the science behind the impact of youth mentoring, and help us spread the word in your networks.

The research is in, the math adds up, and now, we need your help to multiply the impact.

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