During the month of September, the cause of youth mentoring resonated in the minds of many Montrealers who expressed their support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal. The organization celebrated National Big Brothers Big Sisters Month to highlight the impact and power of mentoring and the growth of their movement. Many joined the celebrations that took place by offering their support and amplifying the organization’s voice.

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September was one of the biggest months of the year for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal. As the mentoring movement grows across the country, our organization, along with all BBBS organizations in Canada, celebrated Big Brothers Big Sisters Month last month. As the celebrations took place on a national scale, our agency reserved special surprises for Montrealers.

«We are truly grateful for the support we received during the month of September,» says Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle, executive director of BBBS of Greater Montreal. «With a new brand image to better reflect our mission and symbolize our growth and knowing that we have the support of a strong community, we are even more ready to take on what awaits us during the year. Today more than ever, we are determined to unlock the potential of as many young people as possible.»

A brand-new image

It was on Big Brothers Big Sisters Day, September 18, that BBBS of Greater Montreal and all the other agencies in Canada unveiled their new brand image: A new logo and a redefined mission, both created to better reflect the agencies’ vision. This new brand image symbolizes the growing importance of human relationships and the benefits they can have on a young person. The organizations’ movement that is growing day by day invites all Canadians to act to be part of something bigger.

Our national monuments illuminate the sky

The announcement of a new brand image was not the only major announcement on September 18. This day also marks Big Brothers Big Sisters Day and, as tradition has it, many national monuments have been illuminated in the new colour of Big Brothers Big Sisters. The Montreal Olympic Stadium mast, the CN Tower in Toronto, Allanburg Bridge in Allanburg, the Government House in St. John’s and many more monuments lit up in blue to mark the day.

Local restaurants and pubs show their support

Several restaurants and pubs supported BBBS of Greater Montreal during the special month. Restaurant Nilufar, Saint-Houblon restaurants, La Récréation, La Banquise, Pit Caribou and Madame Bovary have all contributed to the cause by creating a special dish/beer that, once purchased, provides funds that directly support our organization.

As part of our online fundraising campaign launched last month, Saint-Houblon Côte-des-Neiges held a fundraising event, the Great Mixology Challenge, at its restaurant on September 24 to benefit our organization. Amateur mixologists were invited to participate in a friendly competition to raise funds for our cause.

The month of September highlighted the mission and vision of BBBS organizations across Canada. It demonstrated that the youth mentoring movement of BBBS Canada is not only present but is growing stronger every day. Following these celebrations, thanks to the support of the community and our organization’s partners, we were able to raise more than $25,000, which will allow us to support more than 1,650 youths by unlocking their potential through mentoring.

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