Yvonnick – Mentor’s portrait

Yvonnick has been involved in our Black’n Roll youth mentoring program since June 2021.
He enrolled with the motivation to get involved in his community and help a child reach his full potential.

His young mentee (Little Brother) was enrolled in our programs to have another positive role model in his life, a trusted person with whom he could learn and share.

Yvonnick remembers the beginning of their mentoring relationship. The young mentee was reserved, so he took his time building trust, investing in their friendship and getting to know him.

. In the beginning of the match, they bonded through athletic activities such as Basketball and ice skating. Once, they went to Elevation trampoline and his little brother completely let himself go. He was like a fish in water! Yvonnick remembers having wonderful conversations with his little brother that day.

Over time, with effort, patience and consistency, their relationship blossomed. Yvonnick even recalls a moment where he asked his little brother his opinion on a real estate opportunity that Yvonnick was thinking over. The answer his little provided brought about feelings of pride within Yvnonnick. It was thoughtful, observant and mature.

One of their favorite activities is playing escape games. The mentor particularly enjoys this cerebral challenge, but was especially impressed by his youngster’s brainwork in solving the riddles. Together, they make a fantastic team!

Big Brother was asked by his Mentoring Coordinator that if he could go back in time to the beginning and give himself advice, especially knowing what he knows now, what advice would he give? He explained that he would have told himself to get involved much sooner than he did.

Now aware of the impact mentoring can have on a young person’s life, he encourages those around him to embark on this wonderful human adventure.

We are grateful to have  Yvonnick part of BBBSGM through our Black Mentorship program!

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