The 14 Big Brothers Big Sisters organisations across Québec are launching a crowdfunding campaign today to help youth overcome the social isolation caused by the events of the past months.  

The campaign, hosted by Québec’s La Ruche platform, obtained the support of the provincial government’s Mille et UN Fund for Youth People. The Fund thus has committed to doubling every donation made, up to $50 000.  

Ahead of the beginning of the school year, it is still difficult to determine and evaluate all of the repercussions the COVID-19 pandemic has had on young people. However, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal organisation has observed that many vulnerable youth have found themselves even more isolated, as they are or have been deprived of contact with people of confidence (teachers, social workers, …), as well as the support and guidance these people bring them.  

« At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal, our mission is to create a preserve a precious mentoring relationship that youth need to overcome difficult moments. A mentor’s support can help combat dark or depressive thoughts, as well as the stress and anxiety brought upon by periods of uncertainty, such as we are living in now » explains Maxime Bergeron-Laurencelle, the organisation’s executive director.  

As fundraising opportunities have been limited by the pandemic, the organisation’s financial resources are diminishing whereas the number of youth in need of support is on the rise. This is why Québec’s 14 Big Brothers Big Sisters organisations have decided to unite forces in the face of this exceptional situation. As of today, they are launching a fundraiser to break social isolation in youth. The organisations are confident that the people of Quebec’s generosity will allow them to reach their objective of $50,000 in donations by mid-September.  

« The support of the public is crucial, as donations will allow us to adapt our mentoring services and working methods to the present context, thus permitting us to better respond to the multiple requests of youth in need. » highlights Maxime-Bergeron Laurencelle.