Where do your donations go?

When you donate clothes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal, you are helping with the funding of our mentoring programs. You are also helping the environment since you are giving clothes (and other items) a second life, which saves the resources used to create new textiles.

Donation Cycle

1. Collection
2. Sale
3. Distribution
1. Collection

We gather clothing to extend their lifecycle and give them a second chance. Rather than cluttering landfill sites, we choose to recycle and reuse.

2. Sale

Clothing items are sold to Value Village who sorts through items and resells them at a reduced price. This partnership provides our Foundation with much-needed funds without having to ask for financial donations. It also supports our local community by creating jobs and helping those less fortunate.value village logo

3. Distribution

The generated profits are used to support our mentoring programs.

Cycle des dons

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